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The Finnish band releases DECADES Live In Buenos Aires


at the end of the year. The Material was filmed and recorded at the


Malvinas Stadium Argentina on September 30, 2018, and will be


available in 2CD Digipak, 3LP, Blu-ray Digibook and BluRay / 2CD.



"I didn't just want to choose the most successful songs of NIGHTWSH


 for this tour Instead, I wondered what songs we would play for


 someone who had never heard of our band.


 At some point during the preparation process, I realized


 that I was smiling all the time. I remembered the curious boy and


 innocent who wrote all these songs. " Says TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN.



NIGHTWISH DECADES Live In Buenos Aires will be out on


December 6.

Meanwhile you can remember one of the best live NIGHTWISH performances here

SEPULTURA Releases New Song Live




The Brazilian band presented a new song entitled "Isolation" last Friday during its presentation at the ROCK IN RIO festival.


 SEPULTURA spent the last year working on its new material QUADRA with producer JENS BOGREN in Sweden. The album is


expected to be ready in February 2020.

Watch the video of the first preview "Isolation" of the next album QUADRA by SEPULTURA





The Finnish band releases new song and announces that its new


album will be titled Cell - 0.



“It is tough to express without lyrics, but in Cell-0, we found particles of


our universe previously unknown to us, Millions of notes combine to


create music just as millions of cells combine to create life, and when


you visualize the whole thing, similar patterns appear.”


“These new songs have so many layers and are so complex, and it’s


not always easy to point exactly what they are about. But I think that’s


also the beauty of instrumental music, that the listener always can feel


free to experience the same songs in very, very different ways. It’s


also one reason why we don’t want to explain the songs before they’re


experienced.” Says Eicca Toppinen.



Cell - 0 is the first APOCALYPTICA's instrumental album in 17 years.



Listen the first taste "Ashes Of The Modern World" from the new album CELL - 0  by APOCALYPTICA



GRETA Changes Activism for Death Metal !





Swedish environmental activist GRETA THUNBERG reacts


to the mashup performed by the musician JOHN MOLLUSK.



On September 23, the 16-year-old activist cimbrate at United Nations


with its speech about climate change. The musician JOHN MOLLUSK


turned a part of speech into DEATH METAL and went viral, to which


the activist responded in a tone of joke "I have moved on from this


climate thing, from now on I will be doing death metal only!"



"This is all wrong,I shouldn’t be standing here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to me for hope? How


dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People


are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of


eternal economic growth. How dare you!" These are some of the GRETA speech phrases included in the mashup.



FOO FIGHTERS Prepares New Album




According to reports during his presentation at the ROCK IN RIO


festival the band will start recording their new album next week.



"I think we will have a new record for next year. We should. "TAYLOR


HAWKINS said in an interview. "I don't know when we will return here,


but we will," said DAVE GROHL to the audience at ROCK IN RIO on


Saturday night, "We're leaving home next week and we start making a


new record of FOO FIGHTERS ".

Watch the presentation of FOO FIGHTERS at ROCK IN RIO 2019


SAINT ASONIA New Music and Video




The Canadian band presents the second single "Beast" from their


next album FLAWED DESING.



"So many things happened in my personal life when we started the


process at the beginning of 2017. Basically I stepped back, I took care


of the things I needed and went through many extremely difficult


situations, I found myself in a bad time. But, when I finally went to the


other side, I concentrated, we focused and did Flawed Desing. A very


real look and vulnerable to the last years of my life: the good, the bad


and the ugly. " "I feel confident in saying that Flawed Design is, without


a doubt the best work / music I have created. I hope this have the


same impact on fans than on me. " Said Adam Gontier about his


new album, ready for Oct. 25

Watch the "The Hunted" Video and the new song "Beast" by SAINT ASONIA

GHOST New Music



The Swedish band releases the song "Kiss the Go-Goat" included in the 7" single that will go out on September 27


and will also include the song "Mary on a Cross". The video shows how Papa Nihil  bemoans with Sister 


Imperator the lack of Grammy nominations in the Cardinal Copia era. The retro video is from a 50 year old song that


Papa Nihil wants to re-release.

Watch the video of the new songs "Kiss the Go-Goat" and "Mary On A Cross" by GHOST







The proyect formed by ANETTE OLZON and JANI LIIMATAINEN 


revealed the first single from their second album.



“very heavy, but still hyper melodic.This time we are even exploring


new musical territories we didn't on the previous album.


Now that me and Anette have one album together under our


belts, we have found the style we want to pursue and also the ideal


way of working together. Given all this, I think it's safe to say that with


the next album you'll get even more of what made the first album so


good, only it's gonna be bigger, better and bolder!" Said LIIMATAINEN


about the new album.




SONGS THE NIGHT SINGS will be out on November 8.

This, is the new single "Songs The Night Sings" by THE DARK ELEMENT

"Millions of notes combine to create music just like millions of cells combine to create life, and


 when you visualize all this, similar patterns appear." This, is "Ashes Of The Modern World"


 from the new album CELL-0 by APOCALYPTICA

"We are proud to present 'Burning Bridges', the first song of our sixth full studio album.


 Its energy and enthusiasm, the song marries some of our favorite musical elements and introduces a


 real life choir as a new color on our palate. We hope you enjoy the song, along with the


video, filmed in the beautiful Snowdonia ". This, is "Burning bridges" by DELAIN.

The Italian band LACUNA COIL presents th single "Save Me" from the new album BLACK ANIMA.         


"It may sound really cliché if we say it will be heavier and darker, but it's really the truth. Because


 I don't think LACUNA COIL has been so heavy " says CRISTINA SCABBIA.

ALICE COOPER pays tribute to the motor city and its local heroes, such as JOHNNY "Bee" BADANIEK, MARK


 FARNER from GRAND FUNK and MC5's WAYNE KRAMER with the new single "Detroit City 2020" taken from the



"Can You Hear Me" is the third single from KORN's new album, The Nothing. "It's basically me who's dealing with


everything that happened to me last year," Davis says about his wife's death." Very emotional for me,


But it is what it is.  Can't wait for people to hear it.  I really spent a lot of time doing what I wanted to do this time "

From Kemi Finland, TONY KAKKO and his band SONATA ARCTICA release the third single "Who Failed The Most"


from the new album TALVIYÖ

 Formed by the singer JOHANNA KURKELA, TROY DONOCKLEY and TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN the Finnish band


AURI presented its debut album in 2018. “2011 was when the seed was planted, so to speak. It was


then when Troy made the first song called Aphrodite Rising, and already back then, we knew that in


some time we needed to make music together because of the way we think about music and life, everything,


It is very connected. It's something so weird that we need to come together and see what kind of music we could


create between three. But for many years, we had other tasks to attend, with Johanna's solo career, we


with Nightwish really busy with the album and the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour, we didn't have the


opportunity to realize this dream called Auri until 2017. At some point in 2016, we ask ourselves,


What will you do next year? Do you have something on your calendar? Not really, nothing. So what if we try to


do something? It was a little messy because the first thing we did last March was take the promotional photos


of the band and landscapes for the album. This inspired us and even forced us to


continue recording the album ".  Said TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN.

This, is "The Space Between" and "Night 13" by AURI

NERGARD is the musical project created in 2010 by Norwegian Andreas Nergard with the intention of joining local


talents with international artists. With the voices of ANDI KRAVIJAKA and ELIZE RYD, from the album


"A Bit Closer To Heaven" of 2015, this, is "On Through The Storm" one of our favorite songs on the 


BOLLOCKS Radio airplay

First watch the "On Through The Storm" preview with ANDI KRAVIJAKA

THE DARK ELEMENT is the project formed by former Sonata Arctica, Jani Liimatianen and former Swedish vocalist of Nightwish, Anette Olzon,


they released his debut album in 2017 and are already working on the second one that will be ready for the fall of this year.



"I'm so excited that me and Jani will make new music again! Our first album is still proving to be such an amazing ride for me and it turned out to


be maybe the best thing I've ever done, so far. Great songs are in the works and of course me and Jani will have so much fun hearing how the


album grows from simple demos to the final master. I've recorded some first vocal demos and can already say that this will be as fun recording as


the first one! Great times ahead and I can't wait for you to hear our album number 2!". Declared the ex Nightwish.

From THE DARK ELEMENT debut album this, is "My Sweet Mystery"

This, is PROBOT the DAVE GROHL's metal proyect from 2004. Inspired by CARLOS SANTANA's "Supernatural" album


GROHL decided to join metal singers he had idolized "My wish list of all my favourite singers from this era which is '82 to '89


underground metal, and all the bands I listened to at the time". GROHL wrote all of the music and performed most of the


instrumentation but each song has a different singer. CRONOS (Venom), MAX CAVALERA (Sepultura), LEMMY (Motorhead),


MIKE DEAN (Corrosion Of Comformity) SNAKE (Voivod), KING DIAMOND, JACK BLACK (Tenacious D) are some of the guest.


It's not easy to have a favourite track, we stay with "Shake Your Blood" and "I am The Warlock".


What's your favourite song from PROBOT?

In 1996 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS released the album "Murder Ballands" the lyrics of the album deal with themes


of passion crimes, we recommend "Where The Wild Roses Grow" with KYLIE MINOGUE as the Wild Rose and               


"Henry Lee" with the extraordinary POLLY JEAN HARVEY.

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