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BAD WOLVES Releases New Single




The North American band released the single "Killing Me Slowly" from his 


second album.



"We have perfected it and we have really delivered a version more focused


sound of Bad Wolves. Basically it's like pour steroids into everything we


love from the first disc to create an album that is a roller coaster of


emotional experience. "  TOMMY VEXT declared.



The new album N.A.T.I.O.N. will be out on October 25.

Listen the new single "Killing Me Slowly" by BAD WOLVES





The Cape Cod, Massachusetts band pre-release 2 songs


of their new album MCID.


“The themes include self loathing, substance abuse, image


issues, addressing my past and changing my future, with a


sprinkle of anti Trump, false social media worship, heartbreak,


hope, depression and suicide. There are also a few references to


the pressures of fame and how I won’t play into it.” says JOHNNY


STEVENS about the new album out on November 1.

Listen the new songs by HIGHLY SUSPECT "16" and "Upperdrugs"



TOOL  The Wait is Over!




After 13 years the American band releases the first single


of his new album Fear Inoculum on sale on August 30.




TOOL released their new single "Fear Inoculum" is 10 minutes of


complex progressive metal, dense riffs and the unmistakable voice of


Maynard James Keenan.




The deluxe version of the single includes a rechargeable 4-inch HD screen


with exclusive video material, recharge cable, 2-watt speaker, 36-page booklet


and download digital card.



A vinyl version will also be released.

Listen the new single "Fear Inoculum" by TOOL


AS I LAY DYING Announces New Album



The band from San Diego California releases new single from their


new album "Shaped By Fire" available on September 20.



"We are tremendously grateful to have found positive resolve from the


worst moments of our history. The previous chapter of our journey was


one of pervasive hurt and pain. Subsequent years found us on varied


paths—all of which slowly led towards resolutions of growth, healing,


and reconciliation. AS I LAY DYING's collective purpose is to share a


message of hope for everyone through the empowering outlet of


music, and we are humbled by the overwhelming support we have


received from family, friends, and fans so far.



"We look forward to seeing our fans out on the road as we embark on


the Latin American, European, and US tours before closing the book


on 2019." The band declared.

This, is "Shaped By Fire" the new single by AS I LAY DYING


New Music From THE PIXIES



The Pixies releases the second single from its new album Beneath


The Eyrie.



"Catfish Kate" video was created by the handmade and digital


animation collective Krank! the video is about a mountain woman's


task to catch a fish for dinner.



The new album will be out on September 13.

This, is the new single from THE PIXIES "Catfish Kate"


KORN  New Single!




Korn releases the second single titled "Cold" from their new album


"The Nothing" that will be out on September 13.



"Deep, within our Earth lives an extraordinary force. Very few are


aware of the magnitude and significance of this place where good/evil,


dark/light, bliss/torment, loss/gain and hope/despair all exist as one-


pulling at us every moment of our lives," Davis said in a statement


about The Nothing.



Korn is currently touring with Alice in Chains.

Watch the video for the new single "Cold" by KORN





BLINK 182 New Album Details 




In full celebration of the 20th anniversary of the album Enema Of The


State, BLINK 182 reveal details of his new work entitled "Nine".



The album will be released on September 20 and on July 26 a new


track called "Darkside" will be released in addition to the already


known "Generational Divide" and "Happy Days"




This is the band's second album with the participation of Matt Skiba


after Tom DeLonge's departure.

Let's remenber the first single from the Enema Of The State "What's My Age Again" by BLINK 182 in 1999





Nightwish have announced the official leave of founding drummer


Jukka Nevalainen.



After being some years off the stage due to chronic insomnia problems,


the Nightwish drummer decides to retire, but will keep in touch with the


band "to take care of the band's businesses in the background. "


"It has now been five years since my difficult decision, due to severe


insomnia, to step aside from the Vehicle of Spirit of Nightwish," Nevalainen


said. "This included the previous studio album and the tours which


followed, my dear pal Kai Hahto will take my place as a full-time member."



Watch Jukka Nevalainen playing with Nightwish 

The Swedish band OPETH released the second single from the upcoming album In Cauda Venenum. "I don’t expect


us to conquer the world. We’re not going to be the next big thing now that we’re 45 and into our 13th record. So, as


time has moved on, Opeth is becoming more and more for us. In a way, that makes the music and the record more


pure. We’re not trying to get to the next level of popularity. We’re trying to get to the next level of creativity."


Says Mikael Akerfeldt.

This, is "Svekets Prins" new single by OPETH

"Tears In Rain" is the 3th single from the album In The Raw by Finnish singer Tarja Turunen, the video shows the


singer engaging in a roller derdy. "I was looking for a strong video," explains Tarja. "I didn't want to get into a cliché of


tears and rain or a breakup story. The song is about overcoming difficulties that could apply to any aspect of life".


The filming of the video was a challenge for the singer because she suffered dislocation of coccyx during filming, 


 "I broke my ass! Despite the terrible pain, I did two shows and the video shoot with a broken butt". Says the singer.

"Layers Of Time" is the first single from the new album "Black Anima" by the Italian band LACUNA COIL, which will


be out on October 11, "maybe it will sound cliché if we say it will be heavier and darker, but in reality it is the true.


because I don't think Lacuna Coil has been so heavy before. And it will be a surprise for many because we


experience several things, vocally and musically". Cristina Scabbia commented on the new album.

The Canadian band THE AGONIST presents its new single "Burn I All Down"  from their sixth album "Orphans"


to be released on September 20. "When I heard the first instrumentals for 'Orphans', I was a little surprised and


confused. The music was really dark and heavier than any other something we have done in previous albums and I


was not sure how it could match. that emotion but then, you know, all I needed was to write a complete song to roll


the ball and 2-3 months later, everything was ready, "says vocalist Vicky Psarakis.

This, is the new single from SLIPKNOT "Solway Firth" from the upcoming album We Are Not Your Kind


From the new album Hyperspace. This, is BECK Hansen freestyling his new single "Saw Lightning"

Five years after his last material the ex-STRATOVARIUS TIMO TOLKKI releases a new track from the new album


"Return To Eden". This, is"TIMO TOLKKI's AVALON" "Godsend" featuring MARIANGELA DEMURTAS from



NERGARD is the musical project created in 2010 by Norwegian Andreas Nergard with the intention of joining local


talents with international artists. With the voices of ANDI KRAVIJAKA and ELIZE RYD, from the album


"A Bit Closer To Heaven" of 2015, this, is "On Through The Storm" one of our favorite songs on the 


BOLLOCKS Radio airplay

First watch the "On Through The Storm" preview with ANDI KRAVIJAKA

THE DARK ELEMENT is the project formed by former Sonata Arctica, Jani Liimatianen and former Swedish vocalist of Nightwish, Anette Olzon,


they released his debut album in 2017 and are already working on the second one that will be ready for the fall of this year.



"I'm so excited that me and Jani will make new music again! Our first album is still proving to be such an amazing ride for me and it turned out to


be maybe the best thing I've ever done, so far. Great songs are in the works and of course me and Jani will have so much fun hearing how the


album grows from simple demos to the final master. I've recorded some first vocal demos and can already say that this will be as fun recording as


the first one! Great times ahead and I can't wait for you to hear our album number 2!". Declared the ex Nightwish.

From THE DARK ELEMENT debut album this, is "My Sweet Mystery"

This, is PROBOT the DAVE GROHL's metal proyect from 2004. Inspired by CARLOS SANTANA's "Supernatural" album


GROHL decided to join metal singers he had idolized "My wish list of all my favourite singers from this era which is '82 to '89


underground metal, and all the bands I listened to at the time". GROHL wrote all of the music and performed most of the


instrumentation but each song has a different singer. CRONOS (Venom), MAX CAVALERA (Sepultura), LEMMY (Motorhead),


MIKE DEAN (Corrosion Of Comformity) SNAKE (Voivod), KING DIAMOND, JACK BLACK (Tenacious D) are some of the guest.


It's not easy to have a favourite track, we stay with "Shake Your Blood" and "I am The Warlock".


What's your favourite song from PROBOT?

In 1996 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS released the album "Murder Ballands" the lyrics of the album deal with themes


of passion crimes, we recommend "Where The Wild Roses Grow" with KYLIE MINOGUE as the Wild Rose and               


"Henry Lee" with the extraordinary POLLY JEAN HARVEY.

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