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NIGHTWISH  Releases new song "NOISE"

The Finnish band releases the long awaited first single "NOISE" from the upcoming album HUMAN.:ll: NATURE. 


Dutch singer FLOOR JANSEN declared she is: "very, very happy" with how the new disc turned out. "Already with the first notes, I [was, like], 'Oh, yeah. There we go,'" she said. "It's as much NIGHTWISH thing you might expect from us as, 'Wow! What's this now? What's happening?".  You can read the details about the new album below in this section.



This, is "NOISE" new single from HUMAN.:ll: NATURE. by NIGHTWISH



The californian band will release acoustic album PERDIDA  on February 10.

"You have to live it to write it, and this record is a reflection of where we've been recently."Declared guitarist DEAN DeLEO.                                  "Perdida" (Spanish for 'loss') shows how music has helped them process grief, search for meaning and, ultimately, create something beautiful from the pain. "When I've gone through things in my life, I've found that sitting down and having an honest conversation with my guitar is the best therapy." Said bassist ROBER DeLEO.

This, is the title album single "PERDIDA" from the new STP album




Swedish band CANDLEMASS will release new EP THE PENDULUM on March 27.


"'The Pendulum' is about hard riffing, epic choruses and total delusion the fanatical way. It is, in fact, the last thing I wrote for 'The Door To Doom' album but didn't have the time to finish it. Here it is in its grand/mad luster with a great mix by Niklas Flyckt, and produced by Marcus Jidell. It is followed by five unreleased demos from 'The Door To Doom' sessions because the whole sha-bang was at first supposed to be a double effort but got trimmed down to a single album eventually". Said LEIF EDLING.



 EDLING also added, "I love 'The Pendulum' track — album quality if you ask me, and songs like 'Porcelain Skull' and 'Snakes Of Goliath' are not bad either. They just didn't make it to the final thing. So I hope you like this EP that features the 'missing' songs. The last pieces of the puzzle of the one-year recording that became the album 'The Door To Doom'. Enjoy."  Listen "THE PENDULUM" by CANDLEMASS below.

NIGHTWISH "HUMAN. :II:  NATURE." New album details

The Finnish band will release their 9th studio album on April 10. The album will be divided in two, the main album with nine tracks and a second with a long track divided in eight chapters.


"Human. :II: Nature." was recorded between Agoust and October 2019, at Röskö campsite, Petrax Studios and Troykington castle, as well as Finnvox Studios, by Tero Kinnunen, Mikko Karmila and Troy Donockley. The mixing was done by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox, with Tuomas Holopainen and Tero Kinnunen. Mastering was done by Mika Jussila at Finnvox.


 "Already with the first notes, I [was, like], 'Oh, yeah. There we go,'  It's as much NIGHTWISH thing you might expect from us as, 'Wow! What's this now? What's happening?'" "I can't really say too much about it, because there are a couple of things that are the same, a couple of things that are different. But all I can say is I'm very happy with it and I'm very excited about it. And I think people that already knew NIGHTWISH will really enjoy this." Said FLOOR JANSEN  about the new album, this will the second album of the band with the Dutch singer.


ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL from 2015 is the latest studio album of the band and DECADES: Live In Buenos Aires their most recent release in December 2019.

These, are the previews of "NOISE" the upcoming single by NIGHTWISH

"SQUARE HAMMER" by GHOST Metal song of the decade

“The riff was the thing that sort of originated the song,”  “Actually, I nicked it from one of my previous songs, but it was a picking thing, it was just the first phrase. It was just like one of those little melodies that I’m like, ‘That is way too good.’ The writing of the song went very quick after that.”


‘Square Hammer’ was definitely me thinking, ‘We need a big opener.’ We don’t have that,” reveals Forge. “We ended up adopting that [Uriah Heep] triplet-y thing, but I also felt that it doesn’t have the same effect as if we start with ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’ or just a straight rocker.  We need an opening track, we need a new one.”


‘Square Hammer’ was definitely the one that put us in a position where we were a force to be reckoned with in terms of radio. You can have a career in America without the radio, but it definitely helps.” “There’s an initial little suck-off contest that you need to do in order to sort of get into radio in the first place … When you’ve reached No. 1, the process is a little easier.”

Declared TOBIAS FORGE to Loudwire.



This, is "SQUARE HAMMER" Metal Song of the Decade acording to Loudwire... What do you Think?

Watch TOBIAS FORGE talking about "SQUARE HAMMER"  to Loudwire

"Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" by MARILYN MANSON Rock Song of the Decade

“I remember we were working on the song and I told Tyler, ‘That’s the chorus of the song,’” the Antichrist Superstar recalls. “It’s so hypnotic and sexy and dark, which is exactly what I was feeling that day. Maybe we had some psychic connection going on there, or maybe just the look on my face was obvious enough.”


“I look at the song as, you’re in the shower, it steamed up and you write ‘Help Me’ on the mirror. Then when the steam goes away, you’re looking at yourself. The song is me talking to myself, more than anything.”


“[The producer] wanted to play me the mix. I said, ‘I just need a minute.’ I had my head in my hands. He says, ‘Come here, you’re gonna want to see this.’ He just had my voice going through it, the low vocal. It slowly started to make a shape … It made a pentagram. If that’s not empirical proof that there’s some evil going on inside me, then I don’t know what is. He goes, ‘I guess you really are the Devil.’” Said MARILYN MANSON to LOUDWIRE about “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”


This, Is  “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” rock song of the decade acording to LOUDWIRE... What do you think?

"Mother is kind of connected to everything. So, in all that sense, it's really cool and it gives us a lot to pool from. And Maria's a mom; she was raised by her mom; everybody has a mom, in some sense. So, that whole concept is kind of what we were going for." Said Chris Howorth about the new album "Mother".

This, is "Hunting Grounds" by IN THIS MOMENT

From their seventh album "Carnivore", This, is "Bum-Rush" by BODY COUNT

"'Forever' is a song about the dueling internal narrative while in the depths of a depressive episode,"On the one hand, love and support, on the other hand, thoughts of suicide, while also grappling with the follow-on effect it would have. I made a promise to myself to make it to my son's eighteenth birthday when he was three, and I intend to keep it. Hopefully by then I will have figured out how to properly cope with what is likely a lifelong battle with Bipolar II." says singer Joel Birch about the new single from the upcoming album "Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them"


"It was thrilling to join AMARANTHE for a more extreme track and shooting a cutting-edge video for it! This is no cozy studio performance, but real ice-cold winds, sewages, cadavers and pouring rain — the reality we live in, the devastating legacy we leave to our future generations. Time to wake up, turn — and bang — some heads!" Said ANGELA GOSSOW about his colaboration in "DO OR DIE" with AMARANTHE

Guitarist BEN BRUCE : "Thematically, the song is about the way mainstream media and politicians manipulate and spread mistruth amongst the people to encourage and create anger, fear, division, and conflict in their quest to control and acquire power, As the history books have shown, this only goes so far before the people stand up and say enough is enough." This, is "They Don't Want What We Want (And They Don't Care)"

the new single by ASKING ALEXANDRIA

"It is about embracing the beast that lies within us all. At any rate, it's a cool song with a big hooky chorus. My favorite part is the verse riff, though. It just sounds heavy and intense, and you can't go wrong with that combination."'Wolves In Winter' is definitely a tune you want to hear live and even more than hearing it, you want to sing along with it immediately. Feel free to rehearse in front of your speakers!" Declared Hansi Kürsch on the new song


"The song is inspired by an acquaintance of mine who returned from Afghanistan only to have his relationship fall apart with his girl, She had messed around on him, then got paranoid about him messing around on her, and drove him crazy. We had a conversation on Valentine's Day and he said to me, 'They were just circling the drain.' … The phrase struck me. A few days later I incorporated it into the song I'd been working on"

Said ROBB FLYNN about the new single "CIRCLE THE DRAIN" by MACHINE HEAD.

"I couldn't think of more attractive options to have in our videos than Dani Divine! It's great to come back to tour the United States again, we're very lucky vampires!" Says Jyrki Linnankivi about the video of the new song


"Going back to such an intimate song after the bombast of 'Masters Of Destiny' and 'Burning Bridges' feels a bit like switching gears, but I enjoy every minute of it. Singing this song is almost meditative, and I love the way voice, piano and violin weave together in the track. I hope our fans will love this change of pace as well, and I can't wait to perform this song live on stage during our upcoming U.K. tour and our Valentine's Day release show in Utrecht."


“Wednesday and I are both fans of the darkest vision of art and music, and when I was asked to sing with him for the song ‘Monster’, I immediately visualized his concept and shared it with pleasure. What I love about this song is that some people in life are taking the worst out of us… but demonizing it all and pushing away the tension through notes is the best thing to do.” Says CRISTINA SCABBIA about "MONSTER" his colaboration with WEDNESDAY 13 

ALLEN/OLZON  is the new proyect by RUSSEL ALLEN (SYMPHONY X) and ANETTE OLZON (ex NIGHTWISH, THE DARK ELEMENT). "So this is my secret project I've hinted about. To make an album with such a great and versatile singer as Russell Allen is an honor for me, and to have Magnus Karlsson making the songs and playing is also an honor." ANETTE commented on social media about  this new proyect.

Originally recorded for the album HAIL TO THE KING, "Set Me Free" the new song by AVENGED SEVENFOLD will be included on the steaming version of DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH out on Feb 7. 

"Already during the writing process, I had the feeling this song would be perfect as a duet — a sort of modern 'Ozzy and Lita Ford.' I have had my eye on BATTLE BEAST and Noora Louhimo for quite some time and was blown away by her vocal skills and stage presence. I had a feeling our voices would be a perfect match. When we decided to make the duet idea reality, I just picked up the phone and called Noora who instantly said, 'Hell yeah!' Declared JOACIM CANS from HAMMERFALL about their new single "Second To One" featuring NOORA LOUHIMO from BATTLE BEAST.


In 2009 MIRKA RANTANEN from THUNDERSTONE founded the Finnish children's metal band HEVISAURUS, the

 main feature is that band members perform on stage dressed as Dinosaurs and in 2019 commemorate their 100th

 song with a collaboration of super metal stars with members of bands like NIGHTWISH, BATTLE BEAST,


 ARION, BEAST IN BLACK among others.

This, is "100" by the Finnish band Hevisaurus

 Formed by the singer JOHANNA KURKELA, TROY DONOCKLEY and TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN the Finnish band

 AURI presented its debut album in 2018. “2011 was when the seed was planted, so to speak. It was

 then when Troy made the first song called Aphrodite Rising, and already back then, we knew that in

 some time we needed to make music together because of the way we think about music and life, everything,

 It is very connected. It's something so weird that we need to come together and see what kind of music we could

 create between three. But for many years, we had other tasks to attend, with Johanna's solo career, we

 with Nightwish really busy with the album and the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour, we didn't have the

 opportunity to realize this dream called Auri until 2017. At some point in 2016, we ask ourselves,

 What will you do next year? Do you have something on your calendar? Not really, nothing. So what if we try to

 do something? It was a little messy because the first thing we did last March was take the promotional photos

 of the band and landscapes for the album. This inspired us and even forced us to

 continue recording the album ".  Said TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN.

This, is "The Space Between"  by AURI

NERGARD is the musical project created in 2010 by Norwegian Andreas Nergard with the intention of joining local

 talents with international artists. With the voices of ANDI KRAVIJAKA and ELIZE RYD, from the album

 "A Bit Closer To Heaven" of 2015, this, is "On Through The Storm" one of our favorite songs in the 

 BOLLOCKS ROCK & METAL Radio airplay

First watch the "On Through The Storm" preview with ANDI KRAVIJAKA

This, is PROBOT the DAVE GROHL's metal proyect from 2004. Inspired by CARLOS SANTANA's "Supernatural" album

 GROHL decided to join metal singers he had idolized "My wish list of all my favourite singers from this era which is '82 to '89

 underground metal, and all the bands I listened to at the time". GROHL wrote all of the music and performed most of the

 instrumentation but each song has a different singer. CRONOS (Venom), MAX CAVALERA (Sepultura), LEMMY (Motorhead),

 MIKE DEAN (Corrosion Of Comformity) SNAKE (Voivod), KING DIAMOND, JACK BLACK (Tenacious D) are some of the guest.

 It's not easy to have a favourite track, we stay with "Shake Your Blood" and "I am The Warlock".

 What's your favourite song from PROBOT?

In 1996 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS released the album "Murder Ballands" the lyrics of the album deal with themes

 of passion crimes, we recommend "Where The Wild Roses Grow" with KYLIE MINOGUE as the Wild Rose and               

 "Henry Lee" with the extraordinary POLLY JEAN HARVEY.


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