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Finnish cello metal band, Apocalyptica, have released "One", the third single from their upcoming album,

Plays Metallica Vol. II, which will be out June 7.


"You will not believe this! It is such a big honor for us, we can’t even put it into words. Our next single will be

'One' - feat. Mr. James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo! Who would have thought, 30 years ago!.

We are 100% sure – it’s going to blow your mind!!"



Canadian modern power metal icons, Unleash The Archers, recently announced the upcoming release of their massive sixth studio album, Phantoma, out on May 10.


Brittney Slayes of Unleash The Archers says about “Blood Empress”: "This was the last song that we wrote for the album and we wrote it together in our Airbnb while we were recording. We always like to save one song to write together in the studio to give a kind of snapshot of the headspace we were in while recording, and this one was a ton of fun.

We wanted to do a bit more of a radio rock track and have it be something simple that would be a blast to play live and potentially end the set with. The album story ends with Phantoma having destroyed both The Collective and the Human Council that once stood against her, but now she had all of robotkind and humankind looking to her for where to go next. We wanted the song to feel dark but also triumphant, and to hopefully be catchy enough to make the listener want to start the album all over again. The video was filmed once again by RuneGate Studio and they did an awesome job with finding a set that could parry between both the synthetic and the human sides of the story.

We all love this track in UTA and hope that you all can bang your heads to it too!" 



Following in the footsteps of her critically acclaimed second solo album, Strong, Anette Olzon once again teams up with acclaimed Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson to craft a musical experience that pushes boundaries and excites the senses. Together, they have curated a collection of songs that showcase Anette's unparalleled vocal range, complemented by Karlsson's masterful riffs and the addition of growls by Johan Husgafvel,

adding a dynamic layer to the album's sound.


Rapture seamlessly navigates through various musical genres, from symphonic to melodic power metal, with hints of melo-death, while maintaining an irresistibly catchy and melodious essence. Anette Olzon's performance on this album is her most versatile yet, proving her ability to evolve and innovate while staying true to her signature style.


Renowned mixer Jacob Hansen, known for his work with Pretty Maids, Volbeat, and The Dark Element,

returns to the fold to ensure that Rapture achieves the perfect balance between heaviness and hookiness, resulting in an album that is both impactful and memorable.



Epica vocalist, Simone Simons, will release her debut solo album, Vermillion, on August 23. 


For more than 20 years, ever since she was a teenager, Simone Simons has been spearheading the world of female fronted metal. As a lead singer, icon, and role model for a whole generation of female metalheads, the Epica lead singer remains one of the most prominent key figures in all things metal. After eight albums and countless global tours with her band, Simone Simons finally found the time to release her first solo album, Vermillion, showcasing her many different influences ranging from prog rock to film scores to metal to electronic elements.


Simone chose not to rush her solo project, opting instead to thoughtfully consider how she wanted to present herself. Enter stage right Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon). Her musical partner and longtime collaborator is no stranger to her soaring operatic voice. And while many would use their solo effort as a radical, even provocative departure from everything they stood for, Simone remains true to her love for epic melodies, huge choruses and monumental, intelligent music.



The 'Portable Door' has opened, right in the center of a multiverse. The first song from Deep Purple's upcoming album.


The enigmatic album title =1 encapsulates the band’s philosophy of unity amidst complexity, promising an album that resonates deeply with their five decades spanning hard rock legacy.


In a recent interview regarding the sonic direction of their upcoming album, Simon McBride shared insights, saying: “The new album will reflect what the five of us create in the rehearsal room. Many of the songs, like ‘Portable Door’, were written in the first sessions and literally came together in 5 or 10 minutes. It all was so easy and natural.”


Ian Gillan, highlighting the organic nature of Deep Purple’s song writing, added: “Throughout Deep Purple’s history,

our best songs have always been those that were written in no time at all. We’ve played what felt good and developed songs as we have always done.”


The enigmatic title =1 symbolizes the idea that in a world growing ever more complex, everything eventually simplifies down to a single, unified essence. Everything equals one. Its full meaning will be revealed in the coming weeks, with the artwork also playing its part. Fans have already been speculating after mysterious equations and depictions of multiverses appeared in London, Paris, and Berlin in recent days.




A magic dwells in every beginning, full of anticipation for what lies ahead, making time briefly stand still.

This moment seems almost infinite, filled with limitless possibilities for the future and the start of a new era.

And now, this moment has dawned for Nightwish...


Nightwish finally breaks the quietude to announce Yesterwynde.

The Symphonic metal legend’s new album will see the light of the day on September 20. It marks the band’s tenth studio album, following on from the release of Human. :II: Nature. in 2020.


Tuomas Holopainen stated about the new album:

"Yesterwynde is a fantastical voyage through time, memory, and the better angels of human nature. Three years in the making, we're thrilled beyond words to soon share our tenth album with the world!"


Furthermore, Nightwish announce the release of the album's first single. "Perfume Of The Timeless" will mark the beginning of the band's new era and will be released on May 21.



“We want to keep putting out new music, too, so we don’t get stagnant,” frontman Vince Neil tells Billboard.

“We recorded ‘(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)’ by the Beastie Boys and we recorded this song, too, and I thought it turned out pretty good.” 


Neil describes the fiery-tempoed “Dogs Of War” as “like old school meets new school. It’s got that old school vibe about it, but it’s new music. Nikki came up with it and he sent me the music and I thought it was really cool. So I started singing it and we got in the studio and it turned into the song I think the fans are really gonna like it.” 



‘Luck and Strange’ was recorded over five months in Brighton and London and is Gilmour’s first album of new material in nine years. The record was produced by David and Charlie Andrew, best known for his work with

ALT-J and Marika Hackman. Of this new working relationship, David says, “We invited Charlie to the house,

so he came and listened to some demos, and said things like, “Well, why does there have to be a guitar solo there?” and “Do they all fade out? Can’t some of them just end?”. He has a wonderful lack of knowledge or respect for this past of mine. He’s very direct and not in any way overawed, and I love that. That is just so good for me because the last thing you want is people just deferring to you.”


The majority of the album’s lyrics have been composed by Polly Samson, Gilmour’s co-writer and collaborator for the past thirty years. Samson says of the lyrical themes covered on ‘Luck and Strange’, “It’s written from the point of view of being older; mortality is the constant.” Gilmour elaborates, “We spent a load of time during and after lockdown talking about and thinking about those kind of things.” Polly has also found the experience of working with Charlie Andrew liberating, “He wants to know what the songs are about, he wants everyone who’s playing on them to have the ideas that are in the lyric informing their playing. I have particularly loved it for that reason.”


The album features eight new tracks along with a beautiful reworking of The Montgolfier Brothers’ ‘Between Two Points’ and has artwork and photography by the renowned artist Anton Corbijn.


Musicians contributing to the record include Guy Pratt & Tom Herbert on bass, Adam Betts, Steve Gadd and

Steve DiStanislao on drums, Rob Gentry & Roger Eno on keyboards with string and choral arrangements by

Will Gardner. The title track also features the late Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright, recorded in 2007

at a jam in a barn at David’s house.


Some contributions emerged from the live streams that Gilmour and family performed to a global audience during

the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021; Romany Gilmour sings, plays the harp and appears on lead vocals on ‘Between Two Points’. Gabriel Gilmour also sings backing vocals.


The album’s cover image, photographed and designed by Anton Corbijn, is inspired by a lyric written by Charlie Gilmour for the album’s final song ‘Scattered’. Of working with his family on ‘Luck and Strange’, David says, “Polly and I have been writing together for over thirty years and the Von Trapped live streams showed the great blend of Romany’s voice and harp-playing and that led us into a feeling of discarding some of the past that I’d felt bound to and that I could throw those rules out and do whatever I felt like doing, and that has been such a joy.”




“Better Days,” an emotionally charged power ballad that is classic Staind, marks the first time the band has a featured artist on a song. Singer and namesake of LA rock band, Dorothy brings her powerhouse vocals alongside Aaron Lewis, taking the sentiment of the song to the next level. “This was a departure for me,” says Aaron Lewis. “It’s really the first time Staind explored a feature with a female guest vocalist. Once we started tracking I could tell the synergy was there. We didn’t have to pick harmonies, we didn’t have to analyze parts, they just happened. I’m stoked to have Dorothy on this single with me. Her talent and voice are incredible.” “I had a great time tracking 'Better Days',” adds Dorothy.

“It’s a beautiful song and I hope fans connect with it. I’m so grateful to Aaron for the opportunity.” 




The song’s title is a reference to the mean times the world is living in, as well as a reference to the state

the band itself is in, between cycles..


’In The Mean Time’ is a reflection on how much our society has generally ‘lost the plot’. We are living in really mean times filled with unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive. The pressure that crushes from the outside doesn't allow to see things with the right clarity. This song is like group therapy: not a lamentation, but acceptance that once broken, it’s hard to put oneself back together again. We need to take our minds off all the inescapable toxicity and find that there’s so much more to this life… and know that in the meantime, everything cannot be aligned.

We invited Ash Costello from New Years Day to feature on the track and we're thrilled she came on board adding exactly what we needed for this song with her warm voice and charisma”, the band says.


Ash Costello from New Years Day further adds: “I am deeply honored to join Lacuna Coil on tour for the first time,

to have the incredible opportunity to lend my guest vocals to a new track and appear in the music video.

Working alongside the powerhouse vocalist Cristina has been a privilege, and I may be biased in saying that

‘In The Mean Time’ has quickly become my favorite by Lacuna Coil. Its message about embracing individuality and not conforming deeply resonates with me.”

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