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GHOST Pays tribute to The Shining



In a new episode entitled "New World Redro"


the Swedish band Ghost pays tribute to


the work of Stephen King.



Tobias Forge revelead to Revolver that plans to


make a full-lenght film "If it wasn't for the fact that 


I ended up finally being a musician, the only thing


I want to do in my life is cinema".



Ghost is currently on tour in Europe with


Metallica. A new album is expected for 2020.



 VOLBEAT is inspired by Johnny Cash





"When I read its book, he went through tough times


with alcohol and drugs, "He walked into a cave to die.


but he wakes up and feels like he has been given a 


second chance", says Michael Poulsen.



The new song is featured on the band's upcoming


album, "Rewind, Replay, Rebound", which will be out


on August 2.



"The whole point for us going into the studio is 


because you still have something to prove - not just


for the fans, but mostly for yourself", says Poulsen.



Watch "Last Day Under The Sun"








New video from his second solo album has been 


released, this is the first single from the new album


"Why Me? Why Not".



Charlie Lightening director of the documentary 


"As it was" suggested that the new album will be


Liam's solo answer to Oasis legendary


"What's the Story (Morning Glory)".

Watch Liam Gallagher's first single from "Why Me? Why Not"








Courney Love said once she saw the ghost of the Grunge 


legend and ex-husband Kurt Cobain.



"Have you ever seen a ghost?" asked Interview magazine


to the former Hole's front leader.



"When I moved to Hankock park from Seattle with 


Frances and Edward (Norton), I saw Kurt in a chair for


a moment".



"He said hi to me and then he left".



Love said "Definitely talking" about reuniting and touring


with Hole celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album


"Live Through This".




Watch "Miss world" from 1994 "Live Through This" Hole's album.

From San Diego County California this is the new CARNIFLEX single from their upcoming album


"World War X" "No Light Shall Save Us" featuring ARCH ENEMY'S



Black Francis, Kim Deal and The PIXIES are back in 2019 with the new single "Graveyard Hill" from his new album


"Beneath The Eyrie"

Five years after his last material the ex-STRATOVARIUS TIMO TOLKKI releases a new track from the new album


"Return To Eden". This, is"TIMO TOLKKI's AVALON" "Hear My Call" featuring ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN 

In 1996 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS released the album "Murder Ballands" the lyrics of the album deal with themes


of passion crimes, we recommend "Where The Wild Roses Grow" with Kylie Minogue as the Wild Rose and               


"Henry Lee" with the extraordinary Polly Jean Harvey