Second Single Released




An old goat's proverb says that all good things come in eights. On their way to world domination, the Udder brothers settled in Germany 14 years ago. On their 8th album, which will be released on 24.06.22 via Reaper Entertainment, the brothers have put their experiences into music in the language of their 2nd home. 


"Nach uns die Grindflut" tells 14 short stories in finest Goatgrind style. As usual, the brothers deliver a mixture of death metal, grind, crust and thrash. Provided with German lyrics and refined pig squeals.


The band comments:


"Ei horchema, Here comes for you our second single "Waddema". As you might guess from the title, it's about the topic "waiting". Since we have been living in Germany for a long time now, we have noticed that you actually have to "wait" for everything here. Be it for the train or at the supermarket checkout, at the vet or for the income tax bill. Where you don't have to wait that long anymore

is the release of our new album.