Multi-instrumentalist Simeon Bartholomew's group SEIMS has evolved into a formidable band with an impressive discography. His new album demonstrates his enormous ability to arrange songs like “Wild Light”, reminiscent of 65daysofstatic, the post-math-rock of “Elegance Over Confidence”, the more current “The Mountain's Scream”, the dark “StrangerThings” or the evocatively electronic “Shadow Without A Victim”.


Band leader Simeon Bartholomew has said of Showdown Without A Victim:


"I feel like this song represents the new album perfectly.


It deals mainly with the journey of two voices arguing about who is right. The discussion escalates into a 5/8 riff that moves a half-step in rotation - it doesn't let you break free. Literally, never. "


The album has been written and produced by Simeon Bartholomew himself, with Tim Carr (We Lost The Sea) as engineer, Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves) in mixing and Jeff Lipton & Maria Rice in mastering. Along with Simeon, who has been in charge of the basses, guitars, synthesizers, piano and vocals, they have also recorded Chris Allison from Plini, who has done the drums, Kate Hunter & Susie Bishop on the violins.


For the release of 'Four', SEIMS have teamed up with Australian labels Art As Catharsis and Bird's Rope, as well as European label Dunk Records, which will handle the vinyl.


Simeon states:


“I've always loved making concept albums. 'Four' was originally inspired by the MyBriggs personality indicator. I have always found it fascinating how words on paper can create change, create perspective and how they are perceived based on your personality, context and knowledge.


This album is all about casual conversations, of many voices, on many topics, of saying one thing and having it received, or misinterpreted, in many ways, for good and bad. "


Initially conceived as a Solo Album Project in 2012, the band has expanded into a fierce live show featuring some of Sydney's most talented musicians. Seims has shared stages with bands such as Tortoise, Regurgitator, We Lost The Sea & Jean Jean and have even toured Japan twice, participating in the popular math-rock festival, Bahamasfest.


In 2020 they were going to play on the main stage of the British festival ArcTangent, along with Opeth, This Will Destry You and Swans, but the pandemic has postponed it until 2022.