reveal music video 'For The Sake Of Revenge' 



The time has come to crawl to your couch and hide from the cold darkness outside: Finnish melodic metal icons SONATA ARCTICA deliver the perfect soundtrack to those cozy hours in front of your fireplace with the first part of their two-piece »Acoustic Adventures« album, available today.


With 12 tracks that lead through SONATA ARCTICA's extensive discography, »Acoustic Adventures - Volume One« was recorded and produced by Mikko Tegelman and the band at Studio57, Finland; and today, the band reveals the video for the acoustic version of their hit classic

'For The Sake Of Revenge' 


Keyboardist Henrik "Henkka" Klingenberg comments: "Originally recorded for 'Unia' back in 2007, 'For The Sake Of Revenge’ was a bit of an odd-ball -- actually, the whole album was -- nevertheless we somehow managed to look at this song in a different light and present the essence of it in a totally new way. It turned out so good that we even had to make a video for it. We were incredibly lucky to get to work with one of the most internationally acclaimed Finnish directors Joonas Berghäll. With his handpicked dream team, he shot us out in the woods, on deserted roads and even under water, back here in our hometown, Kemi. We’re really happy with how this single and video turned out, enjoy!"