Don't miss: Live Video Pt. I taken from the Roadburn Redux Festival 2021



Denver black metallers WAYFARER just announced that they have signed a deal with Century Media Records. The band mixes their unique black metal with motifs from the American West. In celebration of this new signing on the label, Century Media will reissue the band's first two albums, 'A Romance With Violence' and 'World's Blood' on all digital platforms and there will be a physical format for the summer of next year.


Upon signing this contract with CM, Wayfarer remarks:


"We are extremely excited to have Wayfarer joining forces with Century Media. Both as fans and musicians, we have heard many of the bands on their roster. We are commended for the opportunity to contribute and explore this new chapter across new frontiers to our sound -

Black Metal of the American West. "


In addition to this signature, Wayfarer has shared a video of the live performance performed for the “Roadburn Redux” festival 2021. This performance is a three-part mars that will be revealed in the coming months.




Wayfarer is Black Metal from the American West.

A deconstruction of both the fury and beauty of the Wild West through a searing song, Wayfarer presents a visceral and uniquely American version of dark music. Thoughtful and unapologetic, the band reflects history

and the myth of a land soaked in blood.


Wayfarer, which called Colorado's "queen city of the plains" home, was formed a decade ago. Guitarist and singer Shane McCarthy formed the band with drummer Isaac Faulk, bassist and singer James Hansen and original guitarist Tanner Rezabek. They would release "Children of the Iron Age" and "Old Souls" in 2014 and 2016 respectively, after which they would replace the late Rezabek with his collaborator Joe Strong-Truscelli. With the line-up complete, they released the haunting and cruel "World’s Blood" in 2018, marking the beginning of the current chapter in the band's history.


"A Romance With Violence" presents his most comprehensive effort to date: a fiery big-screen requiem for the myth of the West. Through seven heartbreaking hymns from the high plains, the album depicts a poignant exploration of heroes and killers, the sunset in a romantic era, and the shadow it has cast over the world we live in today.


"As the Iron Horse sow, so shall its riders reap."