THE PICTUREBOOKS - Releases new single and video, “Holy Ghost”

with Jon Harvey (Monster Truck). The band reveals the cover of their new album,

'The Major Minor Collective' 



As THE PICTUREBOOKS already revealed the title of their new album last month, the guys are very proud to present their artwork and the full track list for 'The Major Minor Collective', which will be released on September 3. .


Additionally, the unstoppable rockers today released a new single with Jon Harvey (Monster Truck) entitled "Holy Ghost".


Here's what Jon Harvey has to say about this collaboration with THE PICTUREBOOKS:


Hallelujah. It sounds the same in each language. The meaning never changes. A divine celebration. When my good colleagues The Picturebooks contacted me to work on a topic with them, I heard some of the things they had already worked on and the music for 'Holy Ghost' immediately stuck in my brain and amazed me. The vibe was so sexy and wonderful that it almost seemed taboo, and the concept came with hardly any effort. The lyrics are about magnetism and the attraction you feel when someone who breaks your schemes manages to enter them. The fleeting intensity of an unknown future imagined in seconds. Like a spiritual uplift, it flushes your cheeks and makes your heart beat faster.

What I can only imagine is what heaven feels like. "


THE PICTUREBOOKS 'Fynn adds the following words:


“When we wrote 'Holy Ghost' we immediately thought of the incredible voice of Jon Harvey. Monster Truck became one of the best colleagues after the tour we did together years ago in Europe and Canada. We always wanted to do a song together. To be honest, we didn't know how good or not this song could be. It was Jon who made it one of the coolest songs we've ever recorded and we're very happy with it. Thank you damn pandemic for teaching us that nothing can stop the world of music! People always find ways to create music because people need it. Because we need to create and enjoy it. There is no better cure than this! "



List of tracks: 


Here’s to Magic (feat. Dennis Lyxzèn [Refused, INVSN])

Corrina Corrina (feat. Neil Fallon [Clutch])

Catch Me If You Can (feat. Chris Robertson [Black Stone Cherry])

Beach Seduction (feat. Leah Wellbaum [Slothrust])

Holy Ghost (feat. Jon Harvey [Monster Truck])

Too Soft To Live And Too Hard To Die (feat. Elin Larsson [Blues Pills])

Rebel (feat. Lzzy Hale [Halestorm])

Multidimensional Violence (Feat. ErlendHjelvik [HJELVIK, Ex-Kvelertak])

Riders And Farmers (feat. The Inspector Cluzo)

Blind Riders (feat. The Well)

Again and again

Song 12 (Fan Edition) *


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only available in digipak format and digital albums.





Fynn Grabke - Guitarist and singer

Philipp Mirtschink - Drums