ABORTED strikes again with the song "DRAG ME TO HELL"

Don't miss the video for this second single!



The infamous Belgian Brutal Death Metal band ABORTED is presenting today their new single "Drag me to Hell" taken from their new studio album 'ManiaCult' which will be released worldwide on September 10, 2021 via Century Media Records.


The band comments: “Okay, okay! Old Jack Burton is here and he has one thing to say: get ready for this bombshell! We have so many things to show you, or rather, to play for you and ... this new single from ‘ManiaCult,’ “Drag Me to Hell.” Believe me, you're going to want to click and spread it before Wayland comes for you!


We also have to welcome a very special guest on this issue, Filip Danielsson from Humanity’s Last Breath. Bearing in mind that Wayland's goal is the end of humanity, Filip's support has come in handy… "


About Aborted:


Once you join the ManiaCult you will never ever be able to leave it, at least not with your life intact!


Aborted have created the perfect soundtrack for this ailing sect, which demands human sacrifice to summon the Lovecraftian demons. The sinister sound growls aptly and serpents with heads claw their way from their cult leader's back.


It is the same kind of authority that has kept this Death Metal band at the top of the genre in Europe after a 26-year career since the singer, Sven de Caluwé formed the band in Belgium. As the only original member, he has managed to lead the band like an insane conductor: he has managed to squeeze the full potential of the members based on a good baton.


Aborted has evolved from a Death - Grind to an approach to technical Death Metal. With this eleventh studio album, ManiaCult knows how to move in different directions, from a violent and murderous storm typical of TerrorVision to the trickle created with the dark atmosphere that La Grande Mascarade gives off. That EP was the first to inaugurate the band as a quartet: drummer Ken Bedene, guitarist Ian Jekelis and bassist

Stefano Franceschini.