GHØSTKID - Premieres “FØØL (INHUMAN Remix)”



Since GHØSTKID is not a shy band when it comes to exploring the limits of creativity, they are very happy to launch a very special cooperation through a band that represents a dystopian and futuristic vision: IMHUMAN. While “FØØL (INHUMAN Remix)” is already available on all digital platforms.
The same band, GHØSTKID comments: “INHUMAN and I recently got in touch via Instagram and I instantly fell in love with their dark and atmospheric sound. We had planned to re-record a song from the album as a remix and he was the perfect fit for this job. The FØØL remix is a great symbiosis between two worlds and I am very sure that there will be more projects like this in the future. "

GHØSTKID's music dives between darkness and aggressiveness. It aligns with the new paradigms: show your teeth while keeping the tunes catchy. GHØSTKID is the new band of Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler (ex Eskimo Callboy singer) who has gotten together with a lot of friends to give shape to this exciting new project: Steve Joakim (drums) from Sweden, Danny Güldener (guitarist) and Stanislaw Czywil (bassist) from To The Rats And Wolves.

In November of last year the band released their debut album with a brutal claim that even made it position

# 34 on the German charts.